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“Notice of regular meeting”

The UVRGA August 9, 2018 Board Meeting is Cancelled.
The next regular scheduled Board Meeting is September 13, 2018.

Navigating Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.
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UVRGA Monitoring and Data Collection Protocols Final Draft

UVRGA 5/10/18 Meeting Agenda

Special Meeting UVRGA 5-3-18 Agenda Special Board Meeting

UVRGA 4/12/18 Agenda Packet  |  7b  |  7d  |  Conflict of Interest

A Year in the Life of The Upper Ventura River Groundwater Basin

Kear Groundwater 10/12/17 Presentation “In Search of the Live Reach”

Please click on the link below to view the final JPA for the Upper Ventura Basin GSA.

UVRB JPA Agreement for the Upper Ventura River GroundwaterAgency FINA….

Meetings are underway now. Important decisions are being made. All stakeholders are invited to participate. Read more >>


Proposed Basin Boundary Change

UVR_Mod_Geol-web_430-280The GSA Formation Committee is pursuing formal modification of the existing groundwater basin boundaries to more accurately reflect current knowledge of geologic conditions. Read More >>

State Law


In 2014, the California Legislature enacted comprehensive legislation aimed at strengthening local control and management of groundwater basins throughout the state. Read More >>

Basin Overview

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The Upper Ventura River Groundwater Basin is one of four water supply basins in the Ventura River watershed, and one of two required by new state law to be managed sustainably. Read More >>